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We are pleased to make AFLAC available to members of NVFC. AFLAC is the nation's leader in supplemental benefits covering over 50 million people.

Here’s What People are Saying About Us

Hi Marcia! Thank you very much for your assistance. Just like in the beginning...great customer service and I appreciate it when you make me feel I am your one and only client/customer. -- Thanks, Nic

"Hi, I'm Sagrario Bardales and I have AFLAC's Accident Indemnity Advantage.
Accidents are bound to happen especially with kids so I really recommend this plan.

Marcia Goggin came to the company I worked and offered me the Accident Indemnity Advantage plan from Aflac, (more)

"I joined AFLAC at the beginning of this year 2012. In June, 2012 I was involved in a head on collision. suddenly I was faced with medical bills, physical therapy and a number of other unexpected issues. Even though I had signed up with AFLAC I had never used it. I was not clear just how to file a claim. Marcia Goggin was there to help me through the process. I have several policies and she helped me retrieve due payment from my policies. Once she helped me process the claims, I received payment almost immediately. Marcia Goggin is a wonderful person to have on your side in times like these. Thanks Marcia." -- Patricia; PLogan Associates for Renewal in Education, Inc.

"The service was quick - no red tape. The service I received from Ms. Goggin was very professional". -- A. Bradely

"Because of my recent illness, I was unable to pay my gas and electric . Thanks to my policy, I was able to catch up on all my bills." -- T. McKee

"Marcia, I don't know what I would have done without you! -- P.Greenberg

Thanks to you, I received additional money on my claim that I forgot to submit! Thanks again, Ms. Goggin"-- R. Coleman

"A lot of times we think that the agents that we deal with are only there to make a quick buck. But I have to say Marcia is the exception. I appreciate everything she did for me and my family".-- R. Taylor

“My compliments to your company and your....representatives. It's nice to deal with people who deliver what they promise." -- P. Linkoff, DC Materials


My business depends on the satisfaction of my clients and in their willingness to let others know about their encounter with me. Taking just a moment to share your recommendation would be a great way to say "thanks" for a job well done.
— Marcia Goggin


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